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You can now subscribe to many of Kimberly Meredith’s miraculous healing events on an a la carte basis. Past events are available on-demand for instant viewing in the Kimberly Meredith On Demand Library. View videos as many times as you wish during the specified subscription period.

June 18 KCAA Radio Show

June 11 KCAA Radio Show

June 4 KCAA Radio Show

May 28 KCAA Radio Show

May 21 KCAA Radio Show

May 14 KCAA Radio Show

May 7 KCAA Radio Show

April 2 KCAA Radio Show

March 19 KCAA Radio Show

March 12 KCAA Radio Show

March 5 KCAA Radio Show

February 26 KCAA Radio Show

February 12 KCAA Radio Show

February 5 KCAA Radio Show

January 29 KCAA Radio Show

January 15 KCAA Radio Show

January 8 KCAA Radio Show

December 18 KCAA Radio Show

December 11 KCAA Radio Show

December 4 KCAA Radio Show

November 27 KCAA Radio Show

November 20 KCAA Radio Show

November 6 KCAA Radio Show

October 30 KCAA Radio Show

October 23 KCAA Radio Show

October 16 KCAA Radio Show

Spiritual Life Center | Heal Ourselves Panel 2018|Produced by Joseph Martin

Videos that you subscribe to will be listed below. 


What if I can’t see a video that I have subscribed to?

Be sure that you are logged into your account. To do so, go to the My Account page. Then, return to this page. The videos you have subscribed to will be listed under the MyVOD tab. If you have logged in and still do not see the video, it may have expired. You can resubscribe. If you feel you are already subscribed for a video, please contact us.

Are videos viewable from any device?

Yes, you should be able to view the video on any Internet connected device. You may experience some buffering depending on your connection speed. If you have any trouble playing a video, please contact us.

How long are subscribed to videos available for viewing?

After you subscribe to a video, it is available for the time period indicated on the product; generally 1 week. During that time, you can watch as often as you like. To find out how much time you have remaining on a subscribed-to recording, go to

Can I resubscribe to a video after my access has expired?

Absolutely. You can resubscribe to a video access at anytime after your access has expired. We don’t permit automatic resubscribes at this time, so you have complete control over renewals.

What if I want to have access indefinitely?

Kimberly’s new membership program, The Angel Club, includes all of the videos available in the on Demand library. Become a member today!

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