Angel Club Zoom Room – July 18


Awaken Your Light Body Now!
with Kimberly Meredith
Saturday, July 18 @ 2 pm – 4 pm PT / 5 pm – 7 pm ET
Replay will be available.

By purchasing this service I agree to the following disclaimer and refund policy: *

Kimberly Meredith is a Medical Intuitive and faith healer. Her healing and health education skills are complementary – alternative healing arts services. I (Kimberly Meredith) am not a licensed physician.

The Healing Trilogy faith healing sessions with Kimberly Meredith are designed to support individuals on issues of physical and emotional wellness and attunement to the Love of God. Spiritual counseling may occur. It is NOT medical advice, medical practice, nor a replacement for these practices. Individuals looking for medical advice should seek the counsel of a qualified, licensed practitioner.

By purchasing this service, I agree to willingly participate in The Healing Trilogy faith healing with Kimberly Meredith for spiritual purposes only. I do not hold Kimberly Meredith and/or The Healing Trilogy responsible for anything that befalls me because I have engaged in her services now, or forever.

In addition, I understand that there are no refunds on Skype, Medical Intuitive Scans, or Products. However, I may reschedule my appointment or transfer my appointment to another person.

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Awaken your light body to awaken your life to your innate gifts! In this revolutionary online interactive webinar, Kimberly will reveal crucially needed information vital to achieving maximum health and fulfillment of one’s destiny by awakening the Crystalline Light Body that is within everyone. Plus: The second half of the event will feature Kimberly performing live medical intuitive mediumship scans!

Kimberly will welcome all questions and present detailed channeled information. Through Kimberly’s connection to Guides from the Angelic Realm, Higher Dimensions, and Advanced Civilizations, you will have exclusive access to high-level information about awakening your Crystalline Light Body for maximizing health and satisfaction and fulfillment in life. The awakening of the Crystalline Light Body can be achieved by using advanced techniques which will be revealed during this exclusive event!

Topics will include exclusive detailed information on:

  • Learning how to harmonize with the universe!
  • What is a Crystalline Light Body?
  • Why is my Light Body important?
  • What does it mean to be a Crystalline Embodiment?
  • How can I awaken my Crystalline Light Body?
  • What are Quantum frequencies?
  • What is Quantum frequency Light Activation?
  • Learn how to understand and connect to your real DNA elements
  • Learn how to understand your mission here The 5th Dimension
  • Receive complete instructions and exclusive advanced techniques on how to activate your Crystalline Light Body
  • The second half of the event will include Kimberly performing live medical mediumship scans!
  • Plus have your questions answered by Kimberly and her Guides!

These and many more fascinating topics will be  explored in this exciting class. Lots of amazing information will be revealed. You won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity.

This class is an informative, ground breaking event featuring exclusive information not available anywhere else, especially for those who have joined Kimberly’s Angel Club. Bring your best questions and Kimberly’s Guides will answer you through Kimberly’s mediumship.

Please have your questions ready to be answered at the end of class by Kimberly’s Guides!

Remember: Members of Kimberly’s Angel Club get complete exclusive continuing access to all of Kimberly’s past and upcoming events at no additional cost, representing a wonderful value!

This revolutionary information is available free of charge to members of the Angel Club. The event can also be accessed on an ala carte basis with a One-Time Pass.

We love and respect everyone in our Angel Club family, and we always encourage a collegial and supportive environment.

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