January 2022 Awakening to the 5th Dimension


January 8 and 9, 2022 @ 2 pm PT, 5 pm ET
A replay will be available 24-48 hours after the event.

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Book launch event for the ground-breaking new book out in December:

Awakening to the 5th Dimension: a guide to discovering the soul’s path to healing with Kimberly Meredith

Medical Intuitive Healer & Author focusing on:

Chapter 1 –  5th Dimension – Awakening to your own higher consciousness
Chapter 5 –  5th Dimension exercises

Saturday, January 8, 2022 (part one – 2 hrs) and Sunday, January 9, 2022 (part two – 2 hrs)
2-4 pm Pacific Time both days (5-7 pm Eastern)

This will be the first live webinar series following the publication of Kimberly’s new book   Awakening to the 5th Dimension: a guide to discovering the soul’s path to healing in December 2021 (also available in audio format). This much anticipated book is what Kimberly hopes will become a classic in its genre, as she has shared so much unique, channeled information pertinent to our times.

In this 2-part live weekend channeled webinar, Kimberly and her guides will explain and give depth and detail to ground-breaking material taken from the new book.

The format for each class will be a mixture of Kimberly presenting new channeled information about the 5th Dimension, and the opportunity to interact through exercises, questions and answers.

  • 2 live webinars on Zoom (2 hrs each), packed full of information
  • Zoom link emailed to you several times in advance (including 2 days in advance, 1 day in advance, and on the day of the class itself).
  • Includes live, interactive Q&A with the book’s author, Kimberly Meredith
  • Replays sent to you approx 24-48 hrs after the live weekend event

You will:

  • Have the opportunity to meet this amazing medical intuitive healer/author on Zoom
  • See for yourself the gift of Kimberly’s “blinking eyes” (coded information)
  • Hear “hot off the press” information based on Chapters 1 & 5 of the book
  • Get your questions answered, having read these chapters
  • Learn how to awaken to your own higher consciousness!
  • Align your body, soul and mind to the 5th Dimension, with powerful exercises

What sort of information can you expect to learn?

  • Some of the language of the 5th Dimension
  • What is meant by “from 3D to 5D transition”?
  • What it is to be a multidimensional being!
  • How 5D differs from most people’s current experience of life
  • What life can be like living in 5D and why it is exciting!
  • How to awaken your higher consciousness
  • Why miraculous healings are possible in 5D
  • What gifts people may expect themselves in 5D
  • How to activate your DNA
  • The power of prayer
  • How guides and angels assist us

In addition, you can expect:

  • Channeled insights
  • Reference to a few of Kimberly’s own amazing stories and miraculous healings
  • Expansion on and discussion of material in Chapter 1 of the book
  • Participation in interactive exercises taken from the book (Chapter 5)
  • Your opportunity to participate in live Q&A with Kimberly!
  • Dependable customer service to ensure a smooth experience

Suitable for those who have:

  • A genuine interest in spirituality/healing,
  • A thirst for learning
  • A love of channeled material
  • Dedication to raising their own vibration, thereby helping the planet
  • A curiosity or passion to learn about the 5th Dimension
  • An interest in Kimberly’s work, or perhaps see her as a role model
  • An open heart and an open mind

Is this YOU?!

These live, channeled webinars will be based on the following chapters of the new book, which Kimberly encourages you to read in advance.

Awakening to the 5th Dimension: a guide to discovering the soul’s path to healing, by Kimberly Meredith. (Published by Saint Martin’s Press, Hay House UK, Penguin Random House and available in audio format).

Chapter 1 – The 5th Dimension – Awakening to your own higher consciousness
Chapter 5 –  5th Dimension exercises

Please bring your book and questions along!

  • Total 4 hours packed full of information from 2 webinars (each 2 hrs)
  • Zoom link emailed to you several times in advance, (including 2 days in advance, 1 day in advance, and on the day of the class itself).
  • Includes live, interactive Q&A
  • Replay sent to you approx. 24-48 hrs after the live weekend event

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