Angel Club – Happy New Year, Happy New You – Celebrate Your Divine Voice


Saturday, January 7, 2023 @ 2 pm PT, 5 pm ET
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The Healing Trilogy faith healing sessions with Kimberly Meredith are designed to support individuals on issues of physical and emotional wellness and attunement to the Love of God. Spiritual counseling may occur. It is NOT medical advice, medical practice, nor a replacement for these practices. Individuals looking for medical advice should seek the counsel of a qualified, licensed practitioner.

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Note: If you are are an Angel Club member, be sure to login to your account to register for this class for no additional charge. Not an Angel Club member?  Find Out More About Angel Club Membership!

Enter the New Year embracing the 5th Dimension in this fun and interactive channeled mentorship webinar.  Kimberly and her Guides will help you learn to love and live a life on a much more spiritual, joyous path. Awaken the 5th Dimension within YOU! Express your true voice and unleash your true potential!

This live-channeled webinar will be based on Kimberly’s new Miraculous Mentorship program. You are invited to optionally bring a partner to this class for interactive mentoring exercises. 

In this exciting, inspirational webinar, you’ll learn how mentorship can help you with:

  • How to approach an important project or goal
  • Facing a pressing life situation
  • Struggling to meet a major challenge
  • Rising to meet your true potential
  • Manifesting faster than ever before
  • Learning to love yourself and others fully

Come embrace the New You in the New Year through this phenomenal 2-hour class with Kimberly and her Guides. You’re here for a reason. Your new life is calling you. You’ll engage in fun, interactive mentoring exercises with Kimberly as your spiritual teacher.

When you purchase your ticket, you will also receive free on-demand access to the recording of this event. This is great for those who can’t attend live. You can listen to all the information and tips any time you want, at your convenience! Of course, we would LOVE for you to attend live for your maximum enjoyment. Whether you attend live or on demand, having access to the recording is a popular and valuable tool and option!

Note: If you are are an Angel Club member, be sure to login to your account to register for this class for no additional charge.

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