PSYCHIC & TAROT READINGS WITH SPIRIT – Kimberly Meredith & Claudia Garza


Broadcast on January 18, 2023

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Kimberly Meredith is a Medical Intuitive and faith healer. Her healing and health education skills are complementary – alternative healing arts services. I (Kimberly Meredith) am not a licensed physician. By purchasing this service, I agree to willingly participate in The Healing Trilogy faith healing with Kimberly Meredith for spiritual purposes only. I do not hold Kimberly Meredith and/or The Healing Trilogy responsible for anything that befalls me because I have engaged in her services now, or forever.

The Healing Trilogy faith healing sessions with Kimberly Meredith are designed to support individuals on issues of physical and emotional wellness and attunement to the Love of God. Spiritual counseling may occur. It is NOT medical advice, medical practice, nor a replacement for these practices. Individuals looking for medical advice should seek the counsel of a qualified, licensed practitioner.

Additionally, for any online event or session registration, attendees may not bring in guests via mobile devices (i.e., holding up a phone up with Facetime or similar apps and having Kimberly read that person). Separate registration is required.

Events with Guest Presenters
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Experience the mystical journey of Psychic insights and Intuitive Tarot revelations with renowned practitioners Kimberly Meredith and Claudia Garza. Join us for an enchanting evening filled with channeled messages from the spirit realm, as Kimberly and Claudia provide profound psychic readings and share intuitive wisdom. Be a part of the magic as many personalized and transformative readings will take place during this captivating event.

This shared information, learned from others, from the Tarot and Spirit is spectacular for everyone.

About Your Hosts

Kimberly Meredith

Kimberly Meredith is a world-renowned celebrity medical intuitive medium, healer, media influencer, and the bestselling author of Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: Discovering the Soul’s Path to Healing. Following two Near-Death Experiences, Kimberly was blessed with healing gifts from the Holy Spirit. Her remarkable abilities have been scientifically validated by numerous research institutes, including the PSYtek Subtle Energy Laboratory, Dr. Norm Shealy’s Shealy Sorin Wellness Institute, and the IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences, headed by Dr. Dean Radin and founded by Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

Kimberly also hosts The Medical Intuitive Miracle Show, a syndicated hit show broadcast worldwide on Blog Talk Radio, iHeartRadio. Kimberly also appears on all major media platforms, numerous television shows, expos, Omega Institute, magazine covers, podcasts and radio shows, including ABC TV, CBS TV, Coast to Coast AM, the cover of Women Fitness, Preferred Health, Harper Bazaar Vietnam and more.

Kimberly’s bestselling book is sold everywhere. Kimberly loves communicating with those on the Other Side to bring healing messages to all who need comfort and insight. She provides readings, healings, and guidance to adults, children, and animals.

Learn more on Kimberly’s website –

Join Kimberly on TikTok – @kimberlymeredith11

Check Out Kimberly on Instagram – @meredith.kimberly

Courageous Wolf Tarot

Claudia Garza is a Professional Clairvoyant Tarot & Oracle Reader. With her deep understanding of Tarot symbolism and intuition, she has helped thousands of people worldwide navigate through past, present and future situations and opportunities. She connects with her clients on a personal level and helps them understand the path forward by unlocking any situation. Whether you seek psychic advice on love, career, finances, or any other aspect of your life, she is there to provide you with compassionate guidance and offer solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

You can catch her live or in person at Soulsearch and New Earth Expo Psychic fair events and follow her live readings on Tiktok & Instagram!

You can book a private reading with her on her website at

Join her on Tiktok: @courageouswolftarot

Check out Her Instagram: @courageouswolftarot

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