• Medical Intuitive Body Scan
    Kimberly’s scans are analogous to an X-RAY or MRI scan. Our physical body has an energy blueprint. The intuitive scan perceives energy blockages, areas of stress and disease within this blueprint. Specific medical details and trapped emotions are revealed. This provides an energetic portrait of the client.
  • Spiritual Life Coach-Channeler
    Kimberly provides individualized coaching to help you develop your own unique gifts on all levels. We want as many people as possible living true to their most authentic self in daily life, making healthy, heartfelt decisions. During Life Coaching session, we both look at the flow of your life-energy, where balance can be restored, where and how regeneration is possible and permitted. Health and flow on all levels is the biggest pattern so that’s our focus.
  • What are the benefits of Chakra Balancing?
    When your Chakras are open, your physical body and life are healthy, happy and balanced. When there is an imbalance or blockage, there will be a disturbance in your body or life. By healing the energetic centers of your body, your overall health will improve.
  • Spirit Animal - Journey Drumming
    In the Shamanic belief, everything is alive and carries with it power and wisdom. Shamans believe everyone has a power animal; animal spirits which resided with each individual adding to protect you from illness, acting similar to a guardian angel. Each power animal that you have increases your power so that illnesses or negative energy cannot enter your body. Example: A Hawk spirit will give you Hawk wisdom and lend you some of the attributes of the Hawk.
  • Laser Acupuncture
    A non-invasive, aseptic procedure which significantly reduces the pain and recovery time. Many patients who are afraid of needles, such as children, prefer the lasers. Laser Acupuncture treats all kinds of conditions in the same range of complaints as Needle Acupuncture.
  • Faith Healing Session
    Healing achieved by the power of GOD, ME, YOU and PRAYER rather than by medical treatment.
  • Chakra Balancing-Crystals and Gemstones
    Chakra Balancing with crystals and aromatherapy helps to facilitate healing. According to Chakra Theory, imprints of your karma from past lives are stored in the chakras . By working with the chakras, you are not just working on issues from this life but also past lifetimes of karma.
  • Chakra Balancing can help with:
    Stress and Anxiety Overall Balance Digestion issues Communication Emotional balancing and grounding
  • Cold Laser Therapy
    Low-Level Laser Therapy encourages tissue repair through a process of bio-stimulation. It promotes bone formation and improves the immune systems function. It can treat both chronic and acute conditions and is non-invasive. Cold Laser Therapy accelerates the healing process 50% faster than normal healing.
  • Collagen Regeneration Facial-BIO Stimulation
    Cold laser supply energy to the body in the form of non-thermal photons of light. Light is transmitted through the skin’s layers (the dermis, epidermis, and the subcutaneous tissue under the skin.) at all wavelengths in the visible range. Light waves in the near infrared ranges penetrate the deepest of all light waves in the visible spectrum. Photo bio-stimulation is the process where a chain of chemical reaction is triggered by exposure to light. The light then are located in the mitochondria and can convert light energy to electro-chemical energy. It is this energy that heals, repairs, builds collagen, increases cell turnover, and oxygenates the blood, and gives an overall appearance of healthy skin. It is a scientific fact that light transmitted to blood in this way has positive effects throughout the entire body supplying oxygen, increasing cell turnover and collagen and elasticity.
  • Ordained Minister- Non-denominational
    Services include: creating ceremonies for individuals and groups, sermons, weddings, baby blessings, memorials and other ceremonies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the healing really work?

  • Often we are asked if there can be healing for various types of ailments, diseases and emotional blocks. All things are possible when receiving the healing energy of God.

Can I have a Spirit Dosing session with Spiritual Counseling in one session?

  • Spirit Dosing is Kimberly’s unique gift to help people with their herbs, vitamins, medicines and other remedies with her blinking eyes. You can bring in your supplements for testing during your session.
  • Spiritual counseling is having a list of “yes/no” questions prepared for Kimberly’s angels and the Holy Spirit to answer through her blinking eyes.
  • Note: this is one private session and does not include a Medical Intuitive Scan but does include a spiritual counseling session.

How many sessions are needed?

  • We do not know until you have your first session.

Does Kimberly conduct private sessions in homes or hospitals?

  • Kimberly does not conduct in-home private sessions or conduct hospital visits.

Do I need a computer to Skype?

  • Yes, please have your computer set up so your ENTIRE body is visible to Kimberly. Also, please be prepared to have your entire body visible.

What is Kimberly’s Skype name?

  • Kimberlymeredithholy1

How do I contact Kimberly for my Skype session?

  • Send a Skype request to Kimberlymeredithholy1 and she will accept your request at the time of your scheduled appointment. Remember to take into account Kimberly is in Pacific Time.

Can I Skype with Kimberly by sending in a photo via email while having my Medical Intuitive Scan and healing?

  • Yes, if you are having the session with a photo Kimberly requires 4 FULL-LENGTH photos that show the front and back of your body.

Can I also use FaceTime for a Medical Intuitive Scan?

  • Yes

Does Kimberly conduct Medical Intuitive Scans with questions and answers and healings on any kind of animal?

  • This can be done via Skype with 4 FULL-LENGTH photos that show the front and back of the animal. This can also be done in-person in the office.

Out of Town Visitors:

  • If you’re out of town, some people prefer to first schedule a Skype session. (link to Skype)
  • Following the initial Skype session, if you feel you would like to fly into Los Angeles to have a channeled medical intuitive scan, and surgical hands-on healing or laying-on hands session, The Healing Trilogy suggests at least two bookings would be most beneficial. Of course, this is your decision. You can reserve all appointments on the self-scheduling calendar on the website. (link to appointment)
  • Please be clear on the type of session you’re booking. All sessions require a separate appointment.
  • Cities nearby for hotel reservations: Santa Monica, Culver City, West Los Angeles

Can two people book sessions together?

  • Two people cannot be in the same session together. They can, however, be in support of each other in prayer in the same room. If you would like to have an appointment on the same day a friend and/or family member, you will need to book the appointments on the same day in the appointment scheduler.

Can I change my appointment or time?

  • Yes, you can cancel and/or reschedule your appointment in the self-scheduler if it is within 24hours advance. After 24 hours there will be a fee.

Can I ask Kimberly specific questions before my appointment via email or telephone?

  • Due to the high volume of emails and calls we receive, we prefer that you ask your questions during your scheduled session.
  • Due to the confidential nature of medical information, please do not leave confidential medical information on the voicemail or send via email.
  • When Kimberly does a medical intuitive scan her accuracy is 100%. She likes to relay the information to you. You do not need to disclose any medical information prior to the medical intuitive scan. At the time of your appointment, we can discuss all medical information after the assessment.


Please know The Healing Trilogy is here to help you as much as possible. The Healing Trilogy asks that individuals who need technological assistance to schedule an appointment, please ask a friend or family member to assist you with making your appointment online.

We ask that you please reserve contact with The Healing Trilogy to schedule an appointment only if there is no available to assist you. We are here for you.

After visits with Kimberly, being a vessel with God, we love to hear your good news that confirms your healing. With medical documentation of healing on file, we strengthen the testimonials to share with others in need of healing.

Many blessings,

Kimberly Meredith

The Healing Trilogy


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