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Thank you so much for such an amazing class with Alan Steinfeld yesterday. “Awaken your Feminine power”, I am especially thankful for your guides validating my awakening and connection to God and they were spot on with it happening 6 years ago. That you knew I was a reiki healer as well, And i am beyond grateful for your offer to give me a 30 minute free session and I would love to set something up when you have a chance.

And I am so excited for your class with Thomas John as I have been a follower of his for about 6 years now.

Thank you and gratefully yours.

Zita Bensusan

As the producer of the largest Heath and Healing Exposition in the United States for the past 19 years, I have met and worked with dozens of amazing healers from every part of the world. For the past 3 years, Miss Kimberly Meredith has presented her unique gifts to my audience with increasing popularity and sold out workshops. I have recently had the privilege to assist Kimberly in her healing sessions where her profound psychic abilities (channeled through her body with blinking eyes) and her miraculous healing abilities (channeled directly from God) combine in a healing work the likes of which I have never seen. Miracle healings occur before our eyes.

Robert Quicksilver

Producer, Conscious Life Expo

……”we’re just getting started but already few seizures, starting to walk and saying a few words again!”
Sam was a beautiful baby and the joy of a Wyoming ranch family. He started having grand mal seizures just before he turned 4 years old. This August 2020 will mark 23 years of uncontrolled seizures and a diagnosis of an idiopathic seizure disorder which simply means we don’t know where or why. Sam hasn’t walk for over a year and hasn’t talked since March 2014. We were introduced to medical medium Kimberly Meredith at The Healing Trilogy through a series of friends and Sam had his first Skype healing session with her on May 22, 2020. After 2 additional online sessions, we saw Sam stand and then start to walk with help. He has begun to say a few words, is humming and bright-eyed. His seizures have gone from 2 to 4 per night to 0 to 1.
Sam’s healing has begun and with Kimberly’s help we are walking through that door witnessing a miracle in the making.
Most grateful!
Mommy Val

Hi Kimberly!

Thank you SO much for being a bright, healing light in his world to me and so many!

Also, I never told you, although I’m sure you know. You completely healed me from my ovarian cyst when I came to see you, I want to say around 6 months ago. I went to visit the Gyno the next week and took another sonogram and it was like it was never there. I also eliminated the soy and eat a lot less fish and I believe that helps tremendously as well! I take all of those supplements you recommend too! Thanks so much. You’re a gem!!

Cristina Alexis Segovia

“When I first saw, Kimberly, my angel, it was one month from being diagnosed with 3rd stage rectal cancer. Her eyes were blinking and she knew exactly that my lungs had weakness, and I had been coughing. She kept emphasizing to have no fear. She laid her hands on me and prayed! I prayed with her: “I am love, I am light, I have no fear, and I am healed.” She instilled in me that I could be healed by the power of prayer. I could feel the energy of God going through my body. After I left her office, a month later, my body and my numbers were improving drastically. The doctors were amazed by my recovery. I am healed. I am still saying those powerful words daily and I am telling others to have faith, to have a reason to live and believe. My cough also never returned. Thank you for the strength to believe in myself again, Kimberly.”

Frankie Sandoval

World Series Dodger Pitcher

I met Kimberly 3 years ago in Los Angeles through attending her workshops and healing demonstrations at the Conscious Living Expo and by observing a private session Kimberly did with a friend of mine.

Having worked with and promoted a few extraordinary healers during my over 40 years in the business of consciousness, I can recognize the ‘real deal’ when I see and feel it.

Kimberly’s unique style of both diagnosing and treating while transmitting the experience of a profound spiritual connection with the Holy Spirit was both deeply moving and observably transformational.

Unfortunately, since I live in the Bay Area, I have been unable to take advantage of opportunities to be with Kimberly since then. When we originally met, I offered to assist in furthering her extraordinary work and have been thrilled to watch her acclaim spread coast to coast.

Knowing what it takes out of her to be such an exquisite instrument of God, I want to again thank her for her selfless service to humanity and offer my support in whatever form best serves.

Please give her my heartfelt regard and let me know if I can be of assistance during the upcoming Expo.

In love and gratitude.

Lynn Pentz, Executive Consultant

LA Conscious Life Expo

I’m in tears as I hear you in my car on KCAA 106.5 FM right now. This is the universe and divine timing that I’m in the car to hear this. I’m late picking up my child but I must hear you.

I have a condition and I know the body can heal itself with support and love and Universe. The timing is remarkable! THANK YOU KIMBERLY!

With love and gratitude.

Danielle N.

KCAA Listener

Hi Kimberly, my name is Betty Shorts. My daughter & I came to your Thursday night talk on September 29. Your Angels selected me to work on & you scanned my body & discovered that I had breast cancer, among other issues. Which was correct you blinked in my left breast. You did a healing session on me. After the session I felt much lighter & a surge of energy. I released a lot of anger & rage that I had been carrying and fear. I went to my oncologist about two weeks later. They did a scan on me & some blood test. The cancer is no longer detectable in my body! I’m happy that I met you & I’m grateful for the gift. Thank you and God bless you!!!

Betty Shorts

Agape Member

I recently had my first healing scan with Kimberly Meredith and what I experienced was beyond my expectations. First let me state that I have been involved with energy healing and alternatives for many years and this was beyond anything I ever experienced.

Kimberly accurately named several health issues and also let me know that some of the things I had been worried about were already on the way to being healed. The most profound part of the session was near the end when she led me though a prayer meditation. After years of learning about the 5th Dimension, I experienced it in my body as I had never experienced it before. And since then, all I have to do is the simple mantra we did and it is present again. Several days later, I feel lighter more joy filled than I have felt in a long while. My pain has decreased and I have much greater energy.

Thank you Kimberly, you are a blessing beyond all words.

Marcey DiCaro

Recent Client

I’m a 60-year-old male who has suffered from multiple sclerosis since being diagnosed 5 years ago. I met Kimberly Meredith two days ago for a session and had never heard of her before. It was a wonderful experience in that she is really a very nice person -and then you start understanding that she has a very unique gift that goes beyond just her kind appearance. Although I told her my medical history there were many things that I literally just forgot about and had lazily left out. When she started, seconds later, she found one was that I had had hepatitis (which I did when I was 16 years old -44 years ago! ) so therefore my liver was challenged and also that I have had a hernia operation (that I also totally forgot about about 10 years ago!) She then precisely located three lesions on my brain which I knew about from knowing my MRI but she knew nothing of that detail and that they were on my right side which is what affected my left side. Again, I knew that but I did not go into that kind of detail when I told her that I had issues in my brain from the MS, so I was really really impressed with that. Kimberly then worked on my liver and spleen, brain, groin and throat area- I feel that there is some kind of a difference, if you ask me exactly what it is, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you but it’s actually a feeling of “God awareness”. Especially in those specific areas. My throat is sort of vibrating now and it feels like it is or something is clearing something up there. My hernia scar that I remember as being pink and ugly is hardly visible. My belief is in focus, especially my personal relationship with God because she provided me with an experience of just pure light healing that she is obviously very capable of. I am somehow feeling that a transformation / transfiguration is occurring for me.

I have woken up each day reciting prayers I haven’t said in years and feeling an amazing stronger sense of gratitude. I am not religious at all but have had a feeling of including GOD constantly now in my day. It’s a beautiful energy!

I’m now following her protocol. I’m on her recommended supplements and therapies which’s are pretty simple, not all that expensive and easily available. I’m really excited about the healing trilogy and certainly Kimberly Meredith is an amazing person! I would go in three seconds again and look forward to following appointments in the near future. I am I highly recommending a session for anybody. I’m just totally overwhelmed, it was just a great experience. I really believe that this is something that everyone should do because it really connects you better, I believe, to your own healing energy with that God power that’s inside of everyone that I believe exists. I am a stronger person, it gave me a great sense of balance and peace in my being, like a reset button was pushed. It allowed me to let God back into my awareness, spirit, body and life. I feel his healing is with me still but it was brought to me by Kimberly and her request and direct communicative energy with God. Her hands on work is truly a surgery with God light and is almost beyond my understanding, but that’s what I would call it.

If you told me I would be saying this a few days ago, I would tell you that I was asleep and drifting along and not at all tapped into this amazing healing power.

Thank you Kimberly, the Healing Trinity and the Liphe Balance Center for this fantastic program.

Ed Lent

The Liphe Center

We were blessed with a healing from you in December & it’s made a huge difference in our lives. Thank you & many blessings!

Gay Lynn Saunders


Thank you for the very powerful healing session. It packed quite a wallop on every level! You are indeed a gift from God!
Adele Ryan McDowell, PhD

Connecticut - the Liphe center

Thank you for the opportunity to experience your wonderful gift. What a gift you have been blessed with. I have felt different since that day. When I was on the table, I knew something wonderful was happening and I really felt it. I still feel it now. I felt this powerful energy being channeled through me, that I burst into tears, at the end, something which I have not done for a long time.

My Tinnitus is not as intense. My head feels clearer. I truly feel that a few more sessions can possibly help with cataracts. I absolutely do not wish to have surgery at this time. I also truly believe that there is another way and I know it will be with your gifts.

With love, respect and appreciation,

Connie Powers

I’m feeling good after our one session and appreciated it. I had my yearly physical recently and the doctor said my cholesterol was down 40 points and if I was feeling pressured it wasn’t high blood pressure. Looking good.

Steve Hays

Publisher, Life Connection Magazine

Kimberly, I want to thank you again and I also want you to know that my sight has improved and that I am not experiencing any bladder problems now. I can definitely hold my bladder and the other thing that I’ve noticed is that I sing with ease and with a powerful voice that I never knew I had. My voice instructor was surprised when she heard me sing after seeing you. It was so powerful that I felt emotions I’d never felt before.  Please let me know when you receive it. Also it’s OK for you to use anything I’ve said in this text. Infinite love and gratitude.

Denise Carroll

Granada Hills

Working with Kimberly has changed my life in the most, magnificent ways. Her hands on healing removed a benign tumor in three minutes that had been in my right breast for 20 years. The top, prominent surgeon was flabbergasted after 2 confirmation visits and she printed ultrasound photos to show me. Kimberly’s love, healing, guidance and communion with the holy spirit as the healing trilogy has opened my world up in the most amazing, joyful, magical ways. I am forever grateful and my faith in our God is unquestionable and continues to get stronger. I am beyond grateful to have met her and connected to this energy.

Iris Braydon


At this time in our evolution, so many talented healers are coming forward to help shift the planetary vibration and send higher healing energies to our bodies. Kimberly Meredith is one of the most gifted. Her connection to source is one of the most powerful I have witnessed. There is nothing she shies away from. she calls on the holy spirit, the angelic order and her own loving heart to help all those that are in need. Seeing her work is a true gift.

Alan Steinfeld

Founder, New Realities

Let’s keep spreading love and raising our consciousness. God bless you.

Kimberly Meredith

My friend and I attended your event when Smile boy and another lady were getting healed, Saturday. We were very impressed with your healing work and tremendous energy going through you and healing all in the room. We hope to see you again.

Patye Web

LA EXPO 2017

Hi Kimberly, I wanted to thank you for an incredible event today I felt tears of joy & it was pleasure to assist you. I got separated from the group earlier so I was not able to say “goodbye ” properly. If I can be of assistance in the future, please ask. Sending you big waves of appreciation.


LA EXPO 2017

Well u are helping heal the soul
Of so many bless you.

Buddy Daniels

It was amazing to watch you in action! The woman’s Tumor vanish was beyond words. Thank you. Praise God.

Suzy Gruzen

Los Angeles Conscious Post Conference

Thank you Holy Spirit of God!!! Praise God for your Glory!!! Thank you for your healing power for your Spirit God !Love and Light!!! Using Kimberly !!

Jordan Hornaday

Youth-Disability 2017

Dear Kimberly!  You’re an amazingly beautiful angel

Finally I got to meet you last night at the church…I came up to you at the end of the service and you held my hand and said God is with us. I told you On my way to the church from Yonkers…the skies were like nothing I’ve ever seen! My husband was driving and I took photos to show him!They almost look like angels..or angel wings or something!! During the  service I felt amazing energy vibrating from my fingertips, hands arms and throughout my body.  I prayed for healing for my Dad, Uncle, Sister, Sons, Hubby and others in my family as well  as myself…my Mom had passed over 5yrs ago and I felt she was there….I absolutely love you 
Sweetest angel Kimberly…thank you…pls come back to NY, I need to take my Sis to meet you

New York

Although I Was reluctant to go and see Kimberly -what happened when I did was truly remarkable, some might say miraculous. I have had severe digestion issues for many years. I tried various probiotics and enzymes, but nothing helped. But, Kimberly touched me with the Holy Spirit and a deep healing happened. That’s right! Thank you, Kimberly, for your great healing work!

Christopher Mack

Los Angeles

Kimberly Meredith is being used for miracles right now. I had 4th stage liver cancer and I am a survivor of cancer because of the integrated approach by her and God.

Carter Mason


I suffered from a broken collar bone and several other severe injuries from a motorcycle accident. I did not tell her where any of my injuries were, her blinking eyes guided her and hands. Her gift of sign language with the angels knew exactly how many years back it had happened she was exactly correct. She then asked me if I wanted to be healed and we prayed together. My body was chilled and I felt the Holy Spirit within me. She removed them all with the grace of God’s energy.

Shane D.

Santa Monica

Kimberly is a truly gifted individual. She was able to really help me by identifying a past issue in my childhood that I had buried. This led to me being able to finally move towards freeing myself from this burden – I am forever grateful.

Jason Upton

Vancouver, Canada, "Spirit Talk Panel" LAX Expo 2017

Keep doing the work that you do beloved. I am so relating to it. As a USM grad I am feeling like I would like to study that art of healing. You inspired me. You are one of the only people who has kept my attention. A simple loving message that I needed today. Coach Elliott Collazo

Elliott Collazo

Kimberly’s Healing Workshops are the most incredible feeling of tapping into “Heavenly Bliss.”

It is an absolute joy to attend her workshops and seminars! Every time I attend her workshops, I feel completely recharged, happy, and full of more love and light! Healing, peace, joy, gratitude, love, are all experienced at these events. I love “holding the space” for those that need healing by participating in the workshop through prayer, meditation, and setting the intention to heal the people who need it the most.

If any of you know someone who has cancer, or any type of disease or pain and discomfort, please schedule and appointment with Kimberly! You won’t be disappointed as she is the REAL DEAL! Time and time again I’ve seen miracles that Kimberly performs relieving people of Cancer and other diseases and pain!

It truly is an honor to be present in these workshops and I’m so grateful to be able to call Kimberly, not just a mentor, but a dear friend!

God Bless thehealingtrilogy.com! Please help share this amazing miracle lightworker to your friends and family who need it!

Joe Gonzalez

I just wanted to let you know how truly grateful I am for the healing. The pain on the right side of my body has completely dissolved, as has the persistent soreness and swelling in my throat. I am sleeping deeply for the first time in many years.

More than anything, I can just say that I feel like my old self again. I’ve not been “quite right” for a long time and though able to work and not horribly ill, I’d almost forgotten what it is like to be in complete health.

You may remember that you identified the pituitary gland as the source of the problem. I looked up where that sits in the head, and figured out exactly the injury to that spot which would have caused the problem about 7 years previously. It also explains why my insulin levels were registering as pre-diabetic, when my diet and lifestyle is very healthy. No doctor could explain this, but there is a type of diabetes called “insipidus”, which is rare, and related to a deficiency of the pituitary hormone vasopressin, which regulates kidney function. It all makes sense, as my kidneys were often sore as well.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how truly impressed I am with the specificity of your diagnosis/scanning, and the miraculous speed with which you were able to do the healing. I have recommended you to several friends already. With gratitude.

Emily Carr


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