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Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: Discovering The Soul’s Path To Healing

By Kimberly Meredith

In Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, author Kimberly Meredith offers readers something truly revolutionary—a new dimension of healing.

Filled with instruction, case studies, testimonials, and practical methods Awakening to the Fifth Dimension will empower readers to confront their own health struggles and find true, lasting healing.

To be released November 16, 2021 by Saint Martin’s Press, Essentials, Hay House UK, and Audiobook published by Penguin Random House Audio.


Awakening to the Fifth Dimension UK cover

Awakening to the Fifth Dimension

A Guide to Discovering the Soul’s Path to Healing

By Kimberly Meredith
Hay House | November 2021

**World-renowned medical medium shows readers how to heal by elevating their consciousness and entering the Fifth Dimension**

Prepare to discover a new dimension of healing.

Following a near-death experience in 2012 where an SUV knocked Kimberly onto the concrete, she was told she would not walk again. After a painful and arduous journey to recovery in which Kimberly was slowly losing the ability to speak, she began praying over her body and learning to heal herself. With her gifts no longer dormant, it was with the help of The Divine that brought her back from her near-death experience. Now she was tasked with accepting the light and awakening fully to her gifts.

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Angel Awakening Downloadable MP3s

By Kimberly Meredith. Music by Steven Halpern Grammy Award nominee and considered one of the founding fathers of new-age music.

Join world-renowned Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Healer Kimberly Meredith as she guides you on a wondrous sonic voyage through the Angelic Realm to discover your own healing. Ease into a world of blissful rejuvenation with music by Steven Halpern. Rest, recover, and receive the all-encompassing radiance of God’s miraculous healing energy. The Angels are here to help you awaken to the best version of yourself.


Meditation Healing Downloadable MP3s

By Kimberly Meredith

Kimberly’s album release takes you on an ocean ride into surrendering yourself to the higher self of love & light… out of 3rd Dimensional pain, worry, and fear… and into the 5th Dimensional higher cosmic consciousness. Calling for global peace and healing, for body, mind, and spirit, Kimberly channeled this entire recording through Holy Spirit and many Masters. Relax and breathe it in. God is here. This album was engineered by Grammy-winning producer Matt Wallace. 


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