Animals Scan w/ Channeled Healing


In-Person or Skype Sessions with your Pets. Note that there are no refunds on sessions. However, you may reschedule or transfer your session to another person with 24-hour’s notice.

Book In-Person Pet Session – $350

Book a Skype Pet Session – $350

Be sure to select Pet when booking.



Kimberly will need you to have your pet on a leash or in a carrier when you arrive in the office. She will be directed by the Spirits to do an energetic scan and then a healing. You can compare notes at that time with your Doctor’s notes. You can ask questions with any medications to her guides; please take notes and be prepared before the session.

Animals easily accept the Healing of the 5th Dimension and the Holy Spirit energy. They are natural creatures that live in the moment.

We will be praying together as the healing takes place. You both will fill an altered state of calmness and relaxation.

The session is sixty minutes. No photos and you must have a camera.

Skype also available.

Thank you and bless you.

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