Angel Awakening Downloadable MP3s


After your completed purchased you will be emailed a link to download the CD Files (8 Individual MP3 files and a .zip file containing all 8).

By purchasing this service I agree to the following disclaimer, privacy, and refund policy: *

Kimberly Meredith is a Medical Intuitive and faith healer. Her healing and health education skills are complementary – alternative healing arts services. I (Kimberly Meredith) am not a licensed physician. By purchasing this service, I agree to willingly participate in The Healing Trilogy faith healing with Kimberly Meredith for spiritual purposes only. I do not hold Kimberly Meredith and/or The Healing Trilogy responsible for anything that befalls me because I have engaged in her services now, or forever.

The Healing Trilogy faith healing sessions with Kimberly Meredith are designed to support individuals on issues of physical and emotional wellness and attunement to the Love of God. Spiritual counseling may occur. It is NOT medical advice, medical practice, nor a replacement for these practices. Individuals looking for medical advice should seek the counsel of a qualified, licensed practitioner.

Additionally, for any online event or session registration, attendees may not bring in guests via mobile devices (i.e., holding up a phone up with Facetime or similar apps and having Kimberly read that person). Separate registration is required.

Events with Guest Presenters
For events with guest presenters, your personal information, including name, email address, and other contact details, may be shared with the guest presenter.

Refund Policy
I understand that there are no refunds on Online sessions, In-Person Medical Intuitive Scans, Event Registrations or Products. For event registrations, I understand that I will receive email receipts and reminders with the login credentials and if I do not receive them, I will check my SPAM box. If the emails are not there, I will contact The Healing Trilogy. For personal appointments, I may reschedule a personal appointment with 24 hours notice. Transfer of personal appointments to another person is not available.



Join world-renowned Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Healer Kimberly Meredith as she guides you on a wondrous sonic voyage through the Angelic Realm to discover your own healing. Ease into a world of blissful rejuvenation with music by Steven Halpern. Rest, recover, and receive the all-encompassing radiance of God’s miraculous healing energy. The Angels are here to help you awaken to the best version of yourself.


  1. Archangels in the 5th Dimension (6 min 47 sec)
  2. Archangel Rafael (8 min 22 sec)
  3. Awakened Angel (4 min 5 sec)
  4. My Angel (2 min 42 sec)
  5. Om (6 min 30 sec)
  6. Satnam the Truth (6 min 3 sec)
  7. Starseed (5 min 47 sec)
  8. Surrender to the Love (15 min 6 sec)

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