Medical Scan & Healing


Note: There are no refunds on sessions. However, you may request a reschedule or transfer of your session to another person as long as it is done 24-hours ahead of your scheduled appointment time.

Kimberly’s scans are analogous to an X-RAY or MRI scan. Our physical body has an energy blueprint. The intuitive scan perceives energy blockages, areas of stress and disease within this blueprint. Specific medical details and trapped emotions are revealed. This provides an energetic portrait of the client.



The first step is to be relaxed, breathe and be open to go into the 5th Dimension of miracles.  Kimberly’s unique technique of blinking and using her hands to scan over your entire body are highly accurate.

Kimberly is a Medical Intuitive, Psychic Surgeon and Hands-on Healer using this energetic information to develop a holistic plan for healing that can comprise not only the physical dimension, but also the mental and emotional as well. She can see the physical body as an energy blueprint, is guided where to lay hands by the Spirits and is often guided to do psychic surgery.

We kindly ask you to record your session to maintain important information that is being channeled to you.

Thank you and bless you.

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