october, 2019

201918octallday21alldayKimberly Meredith at New Life ExpoJoin me in New York for this incredible event!(All Day) EST Hotel New Yorker, 481 8th Ave,


Event Details

Private Medical Intuitive Healing Sessions

Booth sign ups will be available on-site on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Kimberly Meredith who Channels the Holy Spirit

Saturday, October 19
2:30 pm Sutton Place Room (3rd Floor)

Kimberly MeredithPresentation

Kimberly begins the event channeling about her Near Death Experience. Kimberly gives an in-depth channel on living in the “3rd Dimension while accepting and shifting into the 5th Dimension, and surrendering into the miracles.” Kimberly demonstrates her unique mediumship through etheric angel language, using sound, hand gestures and sign language. If her teeth chatter, it could mean extreme pain is felt within the body; or she will tap on her palms how many years since the person had a devastating injury or disease. .

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Receiving the Healing Miracles DNA Activations

Sunday, October 20
1:30 pm Herald Square Room (3rd Floor)

Kimberly Meredith, in Trance-Channel, speaks in depth about her Near Death Experience (NDE). Kimberly will be guided by the Divine Mother Mary and many Ascended Masters to help shift your DNA to the highest loving Consciousness. Kimberly’s Guides will ask you look into her eyes and open your hands. If you would like to bring a special oil for a prayer, Kimberly will anoint you with it. Kimberly will also give you a special prayer to awaken your gifts. Prepare yourself to receive Abundant Grace. Next, Kimberly will teach about activating your DNA, and awakening to your gifts to reach your highest potential. Kimberly will channel vital information about living a multi-Dimensional world, raising Consciousness, eliminating spiritual warfare, and shifting humanity into 12th Dimensional God Consciousness. You will learn spiritual tools to empower yourself against spiritual warfare by grounding and shielding yourself and embracing God Consciousness.


Monday Evening Special Event
Monday, October 21
6:30 pm Ripley-Grier Studios

Kimberly Meredith channels spiritual teaching on surviving in a 3r​d Dimensional World while building an intimate relationship with the joyous 12t​h Dimensional Frequency of God Consciousness. Our Universe has many Dimensions. When we are stable, we avoid bouncing down into lower Dimensions for extended periods of time. Our Consciousness determines what Dimension we are in at any given time. Through the power of your own Consciousness, you can access Higher Dimensions. God is an Energy and a Frequency that operates throughout Higher Dimensions of Space and Time. You can joyfully learn to tap into these Higher Dimension to be closer to God and to permanently heal yourself. In this way, you can move forward in all aspects of your Life.

Topics will include:

How to heal yourself * Self-protection tools * Organic holistic living and Nutrition * Boosting your immune system * Avoiding toxic exposure to mercury and plastics * Exclusive information about water * Extraterrestrials * Indigos & Starseeds


Through her mediumship healing abilities, Kimberly receives coded messages through her blinking eyes as she signs and speaks in etheric Angelic Language. Kimberly receives and reveals special Messages from God, Mother Mary, Ascended Masters, Angels, and Advanced Civilizations. Kimberly will be Divinely Guided by the Holy Spirit into the audience to select several individuals for medical intuitive scans, revealing many diseases, emotional traumas, unusual conditions past and present, followed by laying-on of hands and/or psychic surgery. The Holy Spirit will select individuals to join Kimberly on stage to assist her in the laying-on of hands. Kimberly applies Holy Water and anointing oil, then performs laying on of hands and/or psychic surgery. By the Power of the Holy Spirit, the recipient will be healed. To help magnify the Healing Power in the room, Kimberly invites everyone to pray their own prayers and/or chant Om. By praying for others, and witnessing the healings of others, you yourself can be healed. By praying for others, and witnessing their healings, you too can be healed. Through her extraordinary X-Ray vision, Kimberly will scan the entire room and select members of the audience to come up on stage to receive medical mediumship scans & healings while sitting or standing. Many people will have a chance to come up on the stage to participate an assist Kimberly. For the first time in history, Kimberly will be guided by spirit to select multiple people from the audience to sit or stand on stage and receive medical scans and healings through the power of God.

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october 18 (Friday) - 21 (Monday) EST


Hotel New Yorker

481 8th Ave,

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