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2021sat10jul2:00 pm4:00 pmCreating the 5D Within You (Part 1)Join me for this FREE 2-part live Zoom class2:00 pm - 4:00 pm PT

Creating the 5 D Within

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I would love you to be there, so be sure to secure your place, by registering your interest now in my forthcoming book:

Awakening to the 5th Dimension: A Guide To Discovering The Soul’s Path To Healing

Yes, you read this correctly! Kimberly is generously offering this very special 2-part live class via Zoom (4 hrs. total), completely free of charge for all those who register their interest in her forthcoming book. This exciting new book “Awakening to the 5th Dimension” is due to be published by St. Martin’s Press in 2021 and is the perfect guide for this time of our ascension and the new frequencies.

The two classes will be recorded, so that if you cannot make them live, a link to the recording will be emailed to you at the address you sign up with.

“Creating the 5D Within You”
How to live more deeply, passionately, and fearlessly in the new frequencies

Let Kimberly expertly guide you through the exciting 5D Ascension process, and help you in the following key areas:

  • Learn to communicate with your spirit guides and the angelic realm
  • Honestly reflect on your life
  • Identify and clear any blockages which emerge
  • Rewrite subconscious limiting beliefs, so that you are propelled forward, instead of being held back
  • Learn about timelines and how they relate to our lives
  • Experience your future self on your highest possible timeline
  • Bring your future self’s positivity, patterns, and prevalent emotions into the NOW!
  • Identify empowering action steps you can take NOW to move you onto your highest possible timeline
  • Develop strategies to make these changes permanent
  • Learn how to have helpful ‘quantum conversations’ with your spirit guides and the angelic realm

This wonderful free class will be enthusiastically delivered by medical intuitive, author, trance channeler and spiritual teacher Kimberly Meredith.  It her special gift as a big “thank you” for allowing the publisher to email you when her new book becomes available. The class covers everything outlined above and will be full of ‘must have’ information, guidance and tips, via interactive online Zoom webinar from your own home!

Class 1 – Saturday, July 10, 2021 @ 2 pm Pacific | 5 pm Eastern
Class 2 – Saturday, July 24, 2021 @ 2 pm Pacific | 5 pm Eastern

To get maximum benefit from these classes and can put your questions to Kimberly, we strongly recommend joining us live.  However, Zoom recordings will be sent to you afterwards in case this is not possible for you.

2 hrs. each

Questions will be welcome, so SIGN UP NOW, SECURE YOUR PLACE and get that notepad ready! I cannot wait to see you.

No deposit is required to put your name on the book “signup” list.  By providing your name and email address, you are simply expressing your interest, and will be among the first to receive notification as soon as the book is available to purchase.  All those on the signup list will automatically be eligible for the free class.

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KimberlyKimberly Meredith is a internationally acclaimed-medical medium and healer. After two Near Death Experiences (NDEs), she experienced an incredible encounter with God and received miraculous healing gifts from The Holy Spirit.

Through her healing mediumship and blinking eyes, she can “scan” or read into the body faster and more accurately than the fastest MRI and thermography machines, accurately detecting all manner of medical conditions.

Kimberly also possesses the ability to emit healing Scalar energy even through walls, as measured by Dr. Norm Shealy during scientific testing to validate Kimberly’s abilities. She has also been tested by the PSYtek subtle energy Laboratory and at the famed IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences Institute, founded by Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Having healed many thousands through the Holy Spirit, Kimberly Meredith bridges the gap between God and science.

Kimberly hosts the #1-rated syndicated radio hit, The Medical Intuitive Miracle Show, streaming on www.KCAAradio.com and iHeartRadio. She is also a frequent guest on numerous nationally-syndicated radio shows and podcasts.

You can follow Kimberly on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and her YouTube channel.

If you would like to book a one-on-one healing session with Kimberly, available both in-person and over Skype for adults, children, and animals, please visit https://www.thehealingtrilogy.com  

Kimberly currently has a audiobook called CORONAVIRUS: TOP 21 TIPS FOR PROTECTION. That’s #1 Bestseller available on Amazon.

In early 2021, she has a New Book release called “Awakening to the 5th Dimension” Discovering’s the souls path to healing, published by St. Martin’s Press, essentials with a special pre-sale offer so please join our pre-sale mailing list for free!

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(Saturday) 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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