september, 2021

2021sat25sep2:00 pm4:00 pmAngel Club Event - Hybrid Civilizations, Extraterrestrials in the 5th Dimension!With Kimberly Meredith and Special Guest Alan Steinfeld2:00 pm - 4:00 pm PDT

Hybrid Class

Event Details

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Kimberly Meredith Teaches about : Hybrid Civilizations, Extraterrestrials in the 5th Dimension! This class is fun and exciting to have your eyes open up to the positive side of the Awakening!

This exciting class introduces participants to exclusive, revolutionary information about advanced Hybrid Civilizations. Many have suspected that humans maybe unwitting participants in a hybridization program involving one or more extraterrestrial species.

What is the truth? Are we really alone in the universe? Are extraterrestrials in contact with humans? Angels ? Spirit contact?

Now through Kimberly’s mediumship, you can gain exclusive access to channeled information revealing answers to some of humanity’s most important questions.

Kimberly will welcome all questions and present detailed channeled information.

Through Kimberly’s connection to multiple advanced Civilizations, you will have exclusive access to high-level information about hybrids, extraterrestrials, and Hybrid Civilizations.

Topics will include:

  • What is a hybrid?
  • Who is and who isn’t a hybrid?
  • Do hybrid have gifts ?
  • Hybrid Implant Subordination — Information will be revealed on the nature of the phenomena of implants being secretly placed for various purposes inside the bodies of humans without their knowledge.
  • What is the purpose of these implants? How do they work? What are the consequences of having implants inside of the body? Can the implants be removed?
  • This class will also reveal exclusive information about the discovery of various implants, grids, holographic themes and other technology which is infused in the biological makeup of humans.
  • The removal of these manipulations helps us to eradicate the siphoning of our personal energy and step into our true power.
  • What Would the extraterrestrials need to know about Jesus?

These and many more fascinating questions will be answered in this exciting class. Lots of amazing information will be revealed. You won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity.

This class is an informative, ground breaking event featuring exclusive information not available anywhere else, especially for those who have joined Kimberly’s Angel Club. Bring your best questions and Kimberly’s Guides will answer you through Kimberly’s mediumship. Please have your questions ready to be answered at the end of class by Kimberly’s Guides will be ready for You!

Special Guest Alan Steinfeld will be joining us in this Angel Club event.

Alan with BookGeorge Noory


Also please know you can record this event and replays will be available.

We love and respect everyone in our Angel Club family, and we always encourage a collegial and supportive environment.

Register Today – $25


(Saturday) 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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