Kimberly Meredith Video Event

September 28 Zoom Room Recording

September 28 Zoom Room Recording
2 pm Pacific/5 pm Eastern

The moment we were born into this embodiment, each of us became a channel of ALL that is. Breathing into that simple and undeniable TRUTH is a release of patterns that block the blessings of divine communion which are our birthright. Reunion, endless support, and Infinite LOVE are what we experience when we have been divinely guided through our ability to connect through channeling.

The wonder of our innate abilities, which are growing exponentially at hyperactively infinite rates fueled by newly-activated encoded light, and the resulting awakenings of our collective willingness to receive that light, have greatly enhanced our capacities to effortlessly RE-connect with, and establish ongoing clear contact with, our beloveds throughout Multiversal time and space.

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