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October 24 Zoom Room Recording

Angel Club – Sound Healing in the 5th Dimension
with Kimberly Meredith and Special Guest Steven Halpern

Let Kimberly teach you all about the fascinating world of sound healing in this fascinating interactive online event, with special guest Grammy Award nominated musician Steven Halpern

You won’t want to miss the groundbreaking information presented in this interactive online class!

Topics will include:

  • What is sound healing?
  • Can people really be healed through sound frequencies?
  • What conditions can be healed through sound?
  • What are the best frequencies for sound healing?
  • How can we get better sleep through sound frequencies?
  • How can we experience better moods through sound frequencies?
  • Can we improve our performance to sound frequencies?

These and many more fascinating questions will be answered in this exciting class. Lots of amazing information will be revealed. You won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity.

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