Video Replay

November 7 Zoom Room Recording

Angel Club – Twin Flames Rejoice of the Hearts
with Kimberly Meredith

As we experience this Golden Age of Light and New Beginnings, we come into a deeper understanding of our own unique preciousness and Light, and the knowing that we are all One. Most Light workers now stepping out of the old karmic or shadow mate relationships and into the Twin Flame energy to deepen their service work through Divine sacred re-union with their entire Soul cluster.

If we have chosen the Soul contract of experiencing union with another, we have a desire for this re-union and often have a sense of this Soul energy in the dream state or in a deepening sense of connecting on the inner planes, for these Twin Flame contracts are mostly experienced when in alignment with the Divine, when we recognize the Self in another. We have a sense of Oneness, of feeling like we have always known this person, as this Soul resonance is so close to our own.

We may also have chosen the Soul contract of experiencing the energy of our own soul or loved one already nothing is not true.

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