Kimberly Meredith is the founder of The Healing Trilogy, a non-denominational ministry that welcomes and accepts people of all religious and spiritual beliefs. We believe that God is Love. We believe that by accepting the power of our higher consciousness, we can be healed and have peace on earth. We truly honor and respect every living soul.


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Meditation Healing CD

Kimberly’s new CD release takes you on an ocean ride into surrendering yourself to the higher self of love & light… out of third dimensional pain, worry and fear… and into the 5th dimensional higher cosmic consciousness… Calling in global peace and healing, for body, mind and spirit. Kimberly channeled this entire recording through Holy Spirit and many Masters. Relax and breathe it in. God is here. This CD recording was engineered by Grammy winning producer Matt Wallace

The Healing Trilogy

An Interview With Kimberly Meredith

Medical Intuitive Who Channels The Holy Spirit


Kimberly Meredith, is a self-taught Medical Intuitive, Trance Channeler, Surgical Hands-on Healer and Preacher with gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Kimberly’s Shaman lineage dates back to her grandmother, Josephina, who initially practiced shamanic healing in Italy. She later settled in Jamestown, New York where her work was highly respected.

As a Trance Channeler with a growing worldwide reputation, Kimberly is a vessel for the healing energy of God, the Holy Spirit, many ascended masters, specifically Mother Mary and angels. With this love and light-filled energy moving through her body, she combines prayers, chanting and the activation of light energy to awaken the spirit within and stimulate healing energies that lead to effective results.

Kimberly’s spirit guide is Edgar Cayce, the father of holistic medicine, a Medical Intuitive and the most documented psychic of the 20th century. Edgar is guiding Kimberly to carry out his work in holistic medicine and push God’s presence to the forefront.

The basis of her work revolves around the simple concept that anger and negative energy causes disease.  The 3rd Dimensional DNA particle of anger can enter into everything we touch, including food and water.

God is energy. It is only through the energy of love and light that the body can heal. We all have the ability to tap into this energy by surrendering into the Holy Spirit 5th Dimensional consciousness. This is when the miracle happens and then we can be healed.

Displaying some abilities as a young child and surviving multiple near death experiences, in 2012, Kimberly was struck by a car while on foot.  She was in the hospital for two months.  It was uncertain if she would walk again. Kimberly decided to put 100% of her faith into God for her healing. Since then, Kimberly’s gifts have rapidly emerged and continue to lead to many miraculous healings.

With gifts of the Holy Spirit, Kimberly’s hands guide her blinking eyes while she acts as a human MRI/X-ray and scans the entire body to find negative energy and disease. During the scan, she has the ability to find trapped emotional pain encapsulated in the body and can detect any traumas the body has suffered from birth up until the present. When everything is well in the body, the left eye blinks. When the right eye blinks, there is a problem within the body. Both of Kimberly’s eyes will blink simultaneously when all is in spiritual and physical balance within the body.

At healing events, Kimberly is guided to those who are chosen to receive healings.  These individuals are selected by the etheric angel language and angelic hand gestures. If Kimberly’s teeth chatter, it could mean extreme pain is felt within the body or she will tap on her palms how many years since the person had a devastating injury. From these signals, she will know that is the person God, the angels and her guides have selected.

Through the sign language ability of her hands in motion and her blinking eyes, along with the permission of the client and acceptance of the Holy Spirit, she receives messages from God and the angels to assist you in completely resolving lifelong trauma.

Through surgical hands-on healing and/or laying on hands, Kimberly has healed and helped thousands of people. She has removed tumors, restored hearing, cured cancer, corrected immobility and completely rid the body of dozens of different types of diseases during healing events and personal sessions.

Kimberly, a Spiritual Activist, speaks about how we can embrace the 5th Dimension, and fill our body with trust, love, and light. She is guided by the Holy Spirit to channel about how we can raise global consciousness by understanding that God is not religion.

This is the Holy Trinity: You, Me and God


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