Kimberly Meredith Video Event

December 28 Zoom Room Recording

December 28 Zoom Room Recording
2 pm Pacific/5 pm Eastern

This exciting class introduces participants to exclusive, revolutionary information about advanced Hybrid Civilizations. Hybrids are beings whose genes have been manipulated to combine elements of multiple distinct species. Many have suspected that humans maybe unwitting participants in a hybridization program involving one or more extraterrestrial alien species. What is the truth? Are we really alone in the universe? Are aliens in contact with humans? Now through Kimberly’s mediumship, you can gain exclusive access to channeled information revealing answers to some of humanity’s most important questions.

Kimberly will welcome all questions and present detailed channeled information. Through Kimberly’s connection to multiple advanced Civilizations, you will have exclusive access to high-level information about hybrids, aliens, and Hybrid Civilizations. 

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