Kimberly Meredith Video Event

August 30 Zoom Room Recording

Miracles Now! Healing through Prayer
with Kimberly Meredith and Special Guest Healer Howard Wills

August 30 Zoom Room Recording
2 pm Pacific/5 pm Eastern

Kimberly Meredith, medical intuitive healer, is proud to be joined by remarkable special guest healer Howard Wills for this wonderful online interactive webinar! Howard is an internationally celebrated healer with a worldwide clientele that includes many celebrities. You now have the opportunity to open your life to miraculous spiritual healing and transformational wisdom awaiting you!

In this amazing collaborative webinar, you’ll witness and interact with two leading, world-renowned, highly in-demand demand spiritual healers so that you can bring improved health and increased wellbeing into your life!

Kimberly will present vital information on achieving optimal wellness. She will also lead all attendees in powerful prayer, followed by medical mediumship scans and miraculous healings through the Holy Spirit.

* To resolve common video streaming issues, please see this support information.

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